Month End/Bank Rec

This on-line webinar will increase your understanding of Momentum and supply you with the expert knowledge needed to speed-up reconciliation and month-end processes.

We will feature scenario-based learning techniques that demonstrate how to overcome common bank rec issues you may face when reconciling your data.  We will also review MuniWare's recommended month end procedures so that you catch errors quickly and balance every month.

Ensuring that your bank recs balance on a monthly basis and performing MuniWare's recommended month end procedures will help you breeze through Year End time and audit requirements!

Join us on WEDENESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2019 at 9 am- 12 pm MST for this fun and informative webinar!

Check your emails for the registration link or contact our office for costs and questions.

2019-09-30 8:48 pm