Their software support is second to none and it is always nice to hear friendly voices on the other end of the line (and to not have to leave a voice message). No question is ever considered "dumb" to them and we are always made to feel that our problem is of the utmost importance.

Debbie Fletcher - Accountant -  Crossfield, Alberta

In my 20+ years in municipal finance and administration in Alberta, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of different municipal software programs. There is none that compares to MuniWare when it comes to customer service. At MuniWare you are a person, not a number. They consistently go above and beyond what any other software company I have ever worked with has done. MuniWare is a powerful, easy to learn system that makes the complex processes we do in municipal finance as simple as possible. MuniWare really cares about their customers and everything they do shows their commitment - from software design to customer service. It is always a pleasure to work with them!

Anna Butler -  CLGM

I do not know where to begin. Several years ago when we first started using MuniWare and I was not great with anything "accounting", I was beyond frustrated. I believe I even cried on my way home that night. The next day, I talked with Brandi and she made me feel so much better. Shelley has almost always been my greatest cheerleader, Lea Ann is so kind and pleasant and willing to help. Lee is quick and if she doesn't know right away, she finds out how to help me. You all have saved my bacon myriads of times. I really appreciate your personableness and willingness to help, whether early in the morning or later in the evening. You certainly make my job much easier knowing you all are there.

Janet Edwards, CAO -  Village of Hill Spring, Alberta

"Thank you for everything your staff did to make sure the new HOG creation file uploaded correctly to the new BC e-Tax portal, everything dispersed correctly, no rejections! The new GL/HOG Report has some great features, it's easy to understand, breaks out the HOG grant types, which will help with reconciling. The new BC e-Tax portal has been a bit challenging, but you did a great job helping us with the fixes, patches, etc. Good job!

Tami Peters, Deputy Clerk -  Midway, BC

I'm going to send a shout out to your IT department. Rob is fantastic at helping us get updated to the new Releases. Even contacting our County IT department to get it straightened out. It is such a challenge to get the database through the County server, but he takes care of it all with grace and ease and I appreciate it very much.

Sharron Sinclair -  Bruderheim, Alberta

Throughout the past 30 years we've always felt that MuniWare delivered. The software is easy to use and has always been in the forefront as far as functionality. The staff are knowledgeable and go out of the way to meet their client needs.

Debbie Turner - Assistant Town Manager -  Gibbons, Alberta

"In February of 2017, we and our Accounting Software Provider, "MuniWare" realized that somehow MuniWare was not included in the discussions and information-sharing in regards to the development of the new British Columbia Provincial Home Owner Grant reporting. We are very pleased with the fact that MuniWare stepped up to the challenge and were able to develop the necessary files to be imported into the new Provincial HOG reporting system within the required timeframe. We were able to import our first file successfully with no issues. We understand that not all of the files created by other software providers were successful in the initial importing process. We realize that a lot of time and effort goes into the development of new software and are very pleased with the efforts put forth by the MuniWare staff. We appreciate their support through this new process and look forward to our continued working relationship."

Nora Johnson, Finance Officer -  Barriere, BC

I am very thankful for all the staff at MuniWare. Being a new employee with no experience with this program has been challenging. I am always met with a freindly voice at the end of the line. I have had a few situations in which I was not able to "get myself out of" without the help of Shelley, Gwenn, Lea Ann or Rob. I have not met everyone in person but knowing the level of customer service they provide, I'm sure I would not be disappointed. Thank you for your patience, kindness and encouragement. It makes a huge impact on my job.

Barb Sijbrandi -  Village of Linden, Alberta

We recenty purchased the Project Costing module and the training provided was very supportive. They helped us out with all the questions we have had over the past few months. Shelley and Brandi have worked with us through our updating of the Physical Assets & Equipment module - this was a tremendous task and again, they helped make it less painful. Bottom line is - the software program is excellent but they also know that it is important we have a good understanding of the impact the entries make. It is comforting to know that we have help at our fingertips!

Sandra Broek -  Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Thank you to all the MuniWare staff for making our jobs easier! Is there no mistake you can't fix or question you can't answer? We must give you all a lot of material to joke about around your water cooler! All the staff are very knowledgeable and very prompt to reply to tickets. We always have fun at the User Groups and learn some very handy tricks of the trade! Thanks again for making otherwise impossible tasks seem possible and for making us feel like superstars!

Theresa Bergen -  Municipality of North Norfolk, Manitoba

MuniWare fantastically assisted us through the Physical Assets module and ensured everything ran smoothly, setting up multiple sandboxes to ensure all amortizations were correctly run. The whole team at MuniWare is always there to help when things go sideways!

Paul Boily -  Mun. LaBroquerie, Manitoba

Every time I phone in, someone is always there to help, in a timely fashion. As I am the only one in the office and do not have an IT guy, they make my job easier and I really appreciate all of you guys.

Debbie Johnstone -  Village of Veteran, Alberta

I look forward to my calls with MuniWare. Every phone call I learn something new and when I need assistance, responses are fast.

Leslie McKenzie -  Municipality of Ritchot, Manitoba

I was brand new to this job and had just been thrown into it without knowing anything and all the staff at MuniWare helped me out so much as I learned the job - from coming out for on-site training to multiple on-line help tickets. No matter how dumb the question, they never made me feel dumb. Thank you guys so much!

Janelle Dalen -  Daysland, Alberta

I am thankful for the whole crew at MuniWare, they are helpful and always take care of our issues! They always figure out what I've done wrong or find the problem that has happened within our system. I love the MuniWare program and have recommended it to many people!

Jacqui Molyneux -  Bowden. Alberta